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School Built From Plastic Bottles- Peace corps volunteer Laura Kutner along with the help of the locals and students, built this school in Guatamala using plastic bottles stuffed with plastic garbage. This is a cleaver way to get rid of lots of garbage and turn it into something useful... learn how she did it!

The Paper Clip StoryThis video is about a school in Tennessee that came up with an idea to collect paper clips to represent the Nazi Holocaust victims. Learn how this idea grew and turned into a Holocaust Museum. This a great way to teach children about tolerance and service. Learn more about this project.

Sarah McLachlan Music Video- See how $150,000.00 was donated to improve the world instead of spending it on production cost. Watch World on Fire and see the great things Ms. McLachlan supported through the making of this inspiring video. 

BIO GAS TECHNOLOGY- Biogas digester is a technology that is being used all around the world. The idea is quite simple, waste matter is placed into the digester and it breaks down into methane gas that can be used for cooking, lighting and other uses. In third world countries, this is a wonderful way to convert new energy while keeping the rivers and drinking water free of human waste. Outhouses/latrines are built to dump directly into biogas digesters. Animal dung and food waste can also be added to increase the fuel production. Not only is this producing clean gas but the "slurry" is a great fertilizer to help amend the soil and increase crop production. 

If you would like to see this technology being used at a bus station in Kenya, watch click here.

or check out this Beginners Guide to Biogas.

Solar Lamps made from water bottles


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