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I am A Mother, A Wife, A Social Entrepeneur, A Global Citizen, a Christian....

I started Mia Amicas Globally because I wanted to create a business to advocate and fund humanitarian causes while working to help other people become self reliant. I have been self employed, working as a hairstylist and salon owner for over 30 years. I have also worked as a muralist/faux painter and ran a small antique/thrift store. I grew up in a big family and we learned to be resourceful out of necessity. If we needed or wanted something, we usually made it from things we already had or could get cheap or for free. I have always had a interest in the "art of salvage" and love taking something and tranforming it into something useful. This "talent" has come in handy with my work at Mia Amicas Globally. In Nepal, we have to create things out of the material and resources that are locally available. There are no Micheal's or Joannes Fabrics so you have to be able to look at the available resources and invision new uses. Whether its turning old fabric into yarn, or creating new uses for bamboo or developing products from trash, it is exciting to see these things put to good use. 

If I am not cutting hair, I can usually be found reading a good book, crafting, feeding my chickens or hanging out with my dogs, Rosie and Brandy. I also have 4 awesome kids who keep me busy and a wonderfully supportive husband that encourages me to do what I love. I'm never to busy to say yes to things I want to do and have (finally) learned to say no to things that I don't, which helps me to live a more balanced and fruitful life. 

Cara Valentino- Mia Amicas Globally

To learn more about me... check out my blog



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